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Sep 2009 17

1. 爱TMD谁谁谁:love he mother’s who who who
2. 白痴:White eat!
3. 板门弄斧:play an ax before Luban
4. 班长:class long
5. 彼此彼此:you me you me
6. 表妹:watch sister
7. 别唬我:don’t tiger me
8. 不管三七二十一:no care three seven two ten one
9. 不入虎穴,焉得虎子:Blue who say,and whose
10. 不三不四: no three no four

11. 不要开黄腔:do not open yellow gun
12. 车祸现场描述 :one car come, one car go ,two car peng-peng, people die
13. 呈现强烈的企图心:Demonstrate the strong attempt heart
14. 吃白食:eat white food
15. 春江水暖鸭先知:spring river water warm duck first know
16. 大人不计小人过:Big people do not think of small people’s mistake
17. 第一眼看到你,我就爱上你了:first eye see you, i shit love you
18. 电源线:power line
19. 放马过来,给你点颜色看看:release your horse and come, I’ll give you some color to see see
20. 蜂拥而至:go out like bee
21. 给你点颜色看看:I’ll show you some color
22. 给你脸你不要脸,你丢脸,我翻脸:I give you face you don’t wanna face,you lose you face ,I turn my face
23. 恭喜发财:go high fuck try
24. 狗娘养的:dog mother born
25. 关公面前耍大刀:play a big knife before Guangong
26. 好多人死了,你怎么不去死!:How many pople go to die, why do not you go to die
27. 好好学习、天天向上:good good study, day day up
28. 好久不见:long time no see (这个用法已经被当地的美国口语,尤其是被文化程度不高的群体所接受)
29. 红颜知己:red face know me
30. 加油:add oil
31. 救人一命,胜造七级浮屠: save man one life, betther than building up 7-floor tower
32. 开水:open water
33. 看不看:see no see?
34. 抗日游行:resist sun swim go
35. 课间操:lesson between fuck
36. 老表:old watch
37. 龙生龙,凤生凤,老鼠的儿子会打洞 :dragon born dragon, chicken born chicken, mouse’s son can make hole
38. 马马虎虎:horse horse tiger tiger
39. 没脸见人:have no face see person
40. 美中不足:American Chinese not enough
41. 面试:face try
42. 明天谁起得早谁叫谁:tomorrow morning who get up early, who call who!
43. 哪凉快哪呆着去where cool where you stay!
44. 你爱我吗:you love I?
45. 你不鸟我,我也不鸟你:you don’t bird me, so I don’t bird you
46. 你给我等着:you give me wait
47. 你给我滚出去:you gave me get out
48. 你给我记住:you give me remember
49. 你给我站住:you give me stop
50. 你没看,我现在非常忙,一边玩去:You no see, I now very busy. One side play go
51. 你妻子真漂亮/哪里哪里:your wife is beautiful/where where
52. 你去不去?你不去我去!:You go no go? You no go I go!
53. 你认为你是谁?:What do you think ,who are you ?
54. 你TMD:you he mother’s
55. 你问我,我去问谁:you ask me, me ask who
56. 你丫要敢唬我,我他妈扇你!:IF you tiger me,I will mountain you!
57. 你有两下子:you have two down son
58. 你有种,我要给你点颜色瞧瞧,兄弟们,一起上:you have seed, I will give you some color to see see, brothers ! together up !
59. 你真有两下子:you really have tow down son
60. 骑驴看唱本,走着瞧:riding a donkey reading play , go and see
61. 七上八下:seven up eight down
62. 亲爱的王小姐:dear wang little girl
63. 請別碰行李:Please no touch the move the lee
64. 青翠欲滴:It`s so green as will dropped
65. 去你妈:go you mother
66. 让世界充满爱:let’s make love all over the world
67. 人山人海:people mountain people sea
68. 人之初,性本善:people first born, sex is kind
69. 三人行,必有我师:three people go, one is my teacher
70. 三心二意:three heart two meaning
71. 色狼:colour wolf
72. 生日快乐:birthday happy
73. 上网:up net
74. 上学:up school
75. 胜败乃家常便饭:win lost milk house long poopoo rice
76. 是不是:yes no yes
77. 十全十美:ten all ten nice
78. 十三点:ten three point
79. 试试看:try try see
80. 耍帅:play handsome
81. 死猪不怕开水烫!:die pig not pa hot water tang!
82. 谈朋友:talk friend
83. 体壮如牛:body strong as a cow
84. 万紫千红:ten thousand purple one thousand red (我在中国的某一个挂历中看到)
85. 王八:king eight
86. 王八蛋:wang eight eggs
87. 望穿秋水:look through autumn water
88. 王老五:wang old five
89. 唯小人与女人难养也:only small people and women hard to feed
90. 我的天呀!:my sky !
91. 我服了你!:I follow you!
92. 我感到很难过:I feel difficult to pass
93. 我叫李老大,今年25:I call Li old big. toyear 25
94. 我容易么我?:am I easy I?
95. 我是大儿子:I am a big son
96. 我是独一无二:I am olny one no two
97. 我是流氓我怕谁:I’m a scamp, I’m afraid of whom
98. 我是中国人:I am in China
99. 我要给你点颜色看看:I will give you some color to see see (好像也被黑人群体最近所采用)
100. 五讲、四美、三热爱:five talk, four beauty, three lover
101. 无钱无得:No money, no talk
102. 笑里藏刀:A knife in the smile
103. 心花怒放 :heart flower angry open
104. 眼看手勿动:look, see OK, no touch
105. 要钱不给,要命有一条:want money no, want life one
106. 要钱还是要命:money or life?
108. 一见钟情:One look clock love
109. 意思意思:meaning meaning
110. 一言既出,驷马难追:one word is out, four horses cannot chase
111. 一元复苏,万象更新:one dollar restart, ten thousand elephant update
112. 远水解不了近渴:Far water car not save near thirsty
113. 咱们兄弟谁跟谁啊:we brothers, who and who ah
114. 怎么老是你:how old are you?
115. 怎么是你:how are you?
116. 朝三暮四:morning three night four (感谢台湾卡通,好像这个用法在孩子们中开始流行)
117. 这样也行?:this too good?
118. 知之为知之,不知为不知:know is know, no know is no know
119. 中国人民万岁:China people ten thousand year
120. 猪狗不如:PIG DOG BLUE
121. 猪肉面条:pig noodle
122. 猪头三,去死吧:pig 3 head,go dead!
123. 走过路过,不要错过:go past no mistake past
124. 走着瞧:go and look!
125. 钻石王老五:diamond wang old five

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